Privacy Law

Jurislex provides you with legal support on both the international privacy law  framework as well as on each EU country’s specific legislation. Learn more…

Data Protection

Jurislex specializes in data protection, privacy and IP law. Our legal professionals have lots of experience in dealing with various data protection legal issues. Learn more…


Jurislex provides legal assistance in adopting and implementing strong data protection methods to improve corporate legal  compliance. Learn more…

Data Breach

Most of the EU countries require companies to notify data breaches or other illegal data use that might lead to a strong personal rights violation. Learn more…

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We are ready to help with your privacy & data protection compliance.


These days the rules and regulations around data protection, security, human rights and simply keeping track of your staff or customer data can be overwhelming. In fact many companies do not even know that they need to do something let alone what it is they need to do.

With an onsite assessment from one of our privacy experts you can very quickly find out if you have missed something crucial, and these days fines can be up to half a million pounds, or whether everything you are doing is right on track.

With only a few hours onsite we can quicky help you get hold of the key things to be done, and in some cases it can even mean doing less, not more. But one things for sure, whatever we do it is all about you building your business safely, securely and legally.

As You Go

Sometimes we all have a need for privacy legal professional’s help, and quickly, and if you don’t know who to trust or where to turn then it can be a painful challenge.

At Jurislex we always have a privacy professional available for you to arrange time to speak to or to come on site, whichever is in line with your need.

You can book time starting from 1 hour to a full day and at an investment that will suit your budget. But…

If it’s that ongoing confidence and comfort you are looking for then why not consider one of our monthly engagement packages, again at an investment that should suit most budgets.



To get that comfort and confidence in knowing that your are doing everything properly and being able to sleep easy is why many of our clients take out a Monthly Assistance Package (MAP).

Monthly Assistance Package means you have guaranteed and planned access to your own legal privacy expert each and every month. This allows you to ensure you are operating inside the latest legislation and that changes in your systems or processes do put you at financial, reputational or worse criminal risk.

With a package to suit all pockets you can flex your commitment and take as much as you need when you need it. Contact us to find out which of the monthly package meets your needs and give you that security your business needs to survive